Dan Coyle

Now that you've toured INTERnationally, what is next for you- and what have you taken away from this wonderful adventure?

Dan Coyle responded on 10/07/2011

Haha, I like that you adopted my "INTER..." it shows you're paying attention ;-)

What's next for me is returning to the U.S. early 2012 and playing some shows on the East Coast for a couple of months while I get some good rest and do some writing. Then it's back on the road for a nation-wide tour in March and April, another month to rest and write in May, then a long Summer tour through the U.S. including a bunch of festivals around the country.

Besides that, there are some radio and production companies interested in playing songs from the new album, so I'm looking forward to that! And we're launching a new site (which I'm very excited about) in December...but the content is top secret for now, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled around then!

That's all I can think of off-hand...and now that it's written down it looks like a lot more planning than I usually do...I must be getting old.

Thanks for the Q!

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