Dan Coyle

Some artists have a muse that captures them for a moment and they use it has an inspiration to write music.So my question is has any of your songs been inspired by a muse? or muses?

Dan Coyle responded on 01/18/2011

I wouldn't say that I've ever really had a muse -- I write more simply from a stream of consciousness. Most songs are not about anything in particular that I can put my finger on; but there are a few that were inspired by specific people or events:

from "Briar St - The Acoustic Sessions" my first 'hit' song "Slow Train Comin'" was inspired by a specific series of events

from "Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences" the songs "Collide" "I'd Do It For Your Love" "Emo Girl" "Never Let You Down" are all written for specific people.

from "You Linger Your Little Hour and Are Gone" the songs "I Adore You" "So In Love With You" and "I Could Write You These Words" are also for specific people.

So maybe a better answer is yes, I have had several different muses!

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