Dan Coyle

Haven't heard too many love songs from you, how's your love life?

Dan Coyle responded on 01/07/2011

Haha - the love life is great actually! I try to shy away from love songs, mostly because I enjoy writing a more stream-of-consciousness or story-telling type song.

I have written and recorded a few though:

"About You" is on my 2007 "Briar St - The Acoustic Sessions" album.

"Collide" -- "I'd Do It For Your Love" -- And "Never Let You Down" are love songs from my 2009 "Random Thoughts And Incomplete Sentences" album.

One of my most popular songs from my latest album "You Linger Your Little Hour And Are Gone" is a love song -- "I Adore You"

You can hear many of these songs on my website at http://dancoyle.com/2 -- or on iTunes, YouTube, etc.

Thanks for the question!

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