Dan Coyle

How much is your CD? How many CD's do you have?

Dan Coyle responded on 12/03/2010

Hey! My latest CD is $13...I'm not sure if you're asking how many different CDs I have for sale, or literally how much inventory I have of the latest CD...so I'll answer both - if you need more info, just email me at dan(at)dancoyle(dot)com

The latest CD is going into its 2nd printing on Tuesday, because after this first week of sales, I only have about 50 physical copies left...but we will print another 250 on Tuesday, and when that dips below 50, we'll do a 3rd printing...so on and so forth!

I have a total of 4 CDs for sale - 3 acoustic albums (what you're used to hearing from me) and one "experimental" album that is more electronic/jazz/etc

You can see all the albums for sale at www.dancoyle.com/7 ~ or on iTunes, Amazon, etc ~ but I do appreciate it when folks get it directly from me!

I also have discounts when you purchase multiple copies of any of the CDs!

Hope this helps...be sure to email me if you have any other questions and thanks for stopping by!

Much Love,

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